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Announcement: Joining the Cast of SFF Addicts Podcast!

Happy New Year! I'm kicking this year off with an announcement: I am joining the cast of the wonderful bookish podcast SFF Addicts!

I'm joining Adrian M. Gibson as cohost as we launch an exciting new format for the show!

This is how I feel about this new partnership:

For those who aren't familiar with the show:

What is SFF Addicts?

SFF Addicts launched in 2021. This show has consisted of author panels and interviews released biweekly. Some of the incredibly kickass authors who have appeared on the show so far include:

  • Mary Robinette Kowal

  • Rebecca Roanhorse

  • Tasha Suri

  • Nicholas Eames

  • Adrian Tchaikovsky

  • Fonda Lee

  • Evan Winter

  • P. Djeli Clark

  • Anthony Ryan

  • and more!

We already have guests lined up for the first half of 2023, and believe me when I tell you that y'all are not ready for this show! I cannot wait to have the opportunity to speak with amazing authors, learn about their processes, and share their wisdom with the incredible SFF Addicts audience.

Who is Adrian M. Gibson?

On the show, the question will be, "who the hell is M.J. Kuhn, and why is she talking to our best friend Adrian?" but here on this blog, some of you might not be familiar with my wonderful cohost, so I thought I'd give an introduction!

Adrian is a reader, writer, and artist extraordinaire! He is associated with and is the director of TBRCon2023!

Adrian grew up on the west coast of Canada and spent a lot of time in nature (perhaps inspiration for some of his incredible artwork, which you'll be able to see in the background of his studio on the YouTube version of our show!)

Before transitioning into the weird and wonderful world of writing and podcasting, Adrian was a tattoo artist! He designed all the merch in our SFF Addicts merch store and is a wizard when it comes to graphic design and all things visual art!

In general, he's a super cool guy and I'm excited to work with him on this show!

New Show Format

Starting this January, SFF Addicts will have an updated format! We'll release episodes weekly, and all episodes will fall into two categories:

  • Author Interviews: We sit down with your favorite authors and get to know them! We'll get the scoop from them on their latest projects and more.

  • Mini Masterclasses: We pick the brains of your favorite authors on a topic they kick ass at, getting the details on how they do what they do!

We're also launching a Patreon! Patrons will have access to additional episodes, resources, merch discounts, and more!

So, if you love science fiction and fantasy books, check us out! We're on YouTube and all major podcast platforms!

Keep reading. Keep imagining. and Happy 2023 :)

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