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Official Thamorr Map

Follow along with the characters' journey with this official map of Thamorr, designed and created by Soraya Corcoran. 

ThamorrSepia (1).jpg

Looking to spice up your book club reading list?

Among Thieves is a dark fantasy read with humor, complex characters, and deep themes ripe for discussion!
Not sure where to start the conversation? Check out the discussion questions provided below!
Reach out to M.J. via this contact form to request signed bookplates for your entire club.

Among Thieves Book Club Discussion Starters

Which of the thieves do you think had the most worthy motive?

Did any scenes from the book stick with you? Which ones?

Which character do you consider the most despicable? Are they still redeemable in your eyes, or no?

How did you interpret the title of the book before reading? After?

What surprised you most about the book?

Which of the characters do you think you would get along with best in real life?

What did you think of the book’s structure? Which point of view was your favorite, and why?

The themes of self-acceptance and redemption run through the book. Which character do you think is most worthy of redemption?
Among+Thieves (1).jpg

The Official Among Thieves Cocktail

1.5 oz bourbon or gin (optional)
2.5 oz chamomile tea 
1 oz simple syrup
0.5 oz fresh lemon juice
6 fresh blackberries, rinsed
Lemon peel garnish

Make a cup of chamomile tea and allow it to steep as it gradually reaches room temperature. Once the syrup and tea are ready, add both to a shaker with a large cube or hunk of ice, along with the lemon juice and blackberries. Agitate vigorously for 10-20 seconds, until the ice begins to break up. Strain into a rocks glass, allowing only a small portion of the blackberry bits to pass through. Garnish with a slice of lemon peel: remove the strip with a peeler or a sharp knife, then twist it over the glass and run the peel along the rim before dropping it into the drink.  


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